Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Werewolves of the Old West: Walking Wolf

Walking Wolf a/k/a Billy Skillet is the orphaned son of white settlers, found as an infant and raised to be a proud Comanche warrior. He also happens to be a werewolf. When he loses control of his darker nature and ends up killing the woman he loves and his best friend, Walking Wolf heads out into the White Man's world to learn more about who--and what--he is. This is his story of self-discovery as he travels the Old West, crossing the paths of a couple of deranged serial killers, a traveling medicine show, a vampire gunslinger, even a fellow werewolf, as well as such historical figures as Quanah Parker and Sitting Bull. But all the dangers he finds himself facing, none is as deadly as the bounty hunter known as Witchfinder Jones, who holds the secret of Walking Wolf's origins. 

Award-winning novelist Nancy A. Collins, author of Sunglasses After Dark, spins a tale of strange doings on the high plains, in the vein of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

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