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Werewolves of the Old West: Walking Wolf

Walking Wolf a/k/a Billy Skillet is the orphaned son of white settlers, found as an infant and raised to be a proud Comanche warrior. He also happens to be a werewolf. When he loses control of his darker nature and ends up killing the woman he loves and his best friend, Walking Wolf heads out into the White Man's world to learn more about who--and what--he is. This is his story of self-discovery as he travels the Old West, crossing the paths of a couple of deranged serial killers, a traveling medicine show, a vampire gunslinger, even a fellow werewolf, as well as such historical figures as Quanah Parker and Sitting Bull. But all the dangers he finds himself facing, none is as deadly as the bounty hunter known as Witchfinder Jones, who holds the secret of Walking Wolf's origins. 

Award-winning novelist Nancy A. Collins, author of Sunglasses After Dark, spins a tale of strange doings on the high plains, in the vein of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The Two-Headed Man: A Different Kind of Threesome

Louise is a waitress at Kelly's Stop, a greasy spoon diner in a small Arkansas town. When she's not waiting on the locals and the occasional traveler, Louise dreams of the day her Handsome Prince will finally deliver her from her dead-end job by a rich, handsome Prince. But time is slowly slipping away, and the odds of her finding her Prince dwindle with each passing day. Then one cold, wintry night, a handsome stranger named Gary arrives just before closing--and Louise finds herself face-to-face with the man she has fantasized about all her life.She is unprepared, however, for the 'Human Worm' he carries on his back--a man born without arms and legs. Louise invites Gary and his strange companion back to her trailer--and quickly finds herself involved in the strangest, and most intense, erotic experience of her life.

The Two-Headed Man was originally sold to Playboy Magazine via the "slush pile" and was scheduled for the 1990 February issue, only to be pulled at the last moment for being "too weird". Now's your chance to read what freaked out Hugh Hefner .

Contains graphic sexual content.

The Tortuga Hill Gang's Ride: A Tale of Rootin'-Tootin' Monster Shootin'

The Tortuga Hill Gang, lead by "Black Hat" Johnson, was one of the Old West's more colorful, and mysterious, outlaw groups. Rumored to be able to float safes like toy balloons and walk though bank walls, the six desperadoes--Johnson, the twin Chandler Brothers, Horseflesh Donnegan, Coyote Pete and the giant known as "Little Red"--disappeared without a trace in the 1890s. What really happened to the notorious Tortuga Hill Gang? Some say they met their fate at the hands of the Federalis. Others say the Devil came and dragged them to Hell. The only person who claims to know for sure is an old man who says he's the sole surviving member of the gang. But is he crazy or a liar--or perhaps both?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hopedale Press Makes Apple Australia's Top 100 Horror List

The Thing From Lover's Lane made Apple Australia's Top 100 Horror 

Chart this past week, peaking at #42 and currently hovering around 

#102. I have no idea what this means in terms of sales, but it is the first 

time a Hopedale Press ebook has made the Apple Top 100 in any


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Return To Hell House: An Authorized Prequel to Hell House

1927: Infamous millionaire occultist Emeric Belasco disappears without a trace, leaving behind dozens of dead bodies in the rambling, isolated mansion known as Hell House

1931: A team of parapsychologists enter Hell House in order to solve the riddle of Belasco's ultimate fate, only to meet with horror, insanity and death. The doors to Hell House are closed and locked for nine years.

1940: A second team of psychic and scientific experts, including the 15 year-old "Ghost Boy" Benjamin Franklin Fischer--the most gifted physical medium in modern history--return to explore the secrets of the most haunted house in the world--only to find Hell House eagerly awaiting its newest guests. 

This novella was written, with permission from Richard Matheson, as a prequel to his classic haunted house novel, Hell House (1971), and originally appeared in the tribute anthology He Is Legend (Gauntlet Press, 2009). 

Warning: Contains Graphic Sex Scenes

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Thing From Lover's Lane: Finalist for the 1996 HWA Bram Stoker Award for Best Novelette

It's the 1950s and Misty Valley is just another sleepy, All-American town, nestled along the Miskatonic River. Unlike sister cities Arkham and Dunwich, Misty Valley has managed to avoid the peculiar occurrences that have plagued the region since the days of the colonial witch trials. 

That is, until the night Carol Anne Fairweather and her boyfriend, Billy Mahan, parked too far down on Lover's Lane. On that old, foggy night Billy was attacked and knocked unconscious, while Carol Anne was brutally raped by someone--or something--that came out of the woods. 

Now, in order to clear his name, Billy must discover what really happened that horrible night. But can his mind withstand the awful truth he uncovers? Or will he end up as mad as Old Gooney, the crazed hermit who claims to keep watch against the dark forces that would make Misty Valley their own? 

The Reflected Ones: A Tribute To Robert Bloch

A murderer uses an ancient book of arcane spells to escape justice by going through the looking glass--only to find that the other side of the mirror is far more dangerous than he ever imagined. 

I wrote this short story as a tribute to one of my favorite authors, Robert Bloch, whose short fiction, such as The Weird Tailor, Yours Truly Jack The Ripper, and A Case Of The Stubborns, proved highly inspirational. 

The Love Of Monsters: A Paranormal Romance

A vampire and a werewolf break the greatest of all taboos and fall in love with one another. Now they must flee their own people in hopes of starting a new new life--and a new family--together.

This is the short story that lead me to sue the creators of the Underworld film series.

The Ice Wedding: A True Fairy Tale

The Russian Empress Anna Ioannovna, famous for her cruel practical jokes and capricious nature, decides to ruin the life of a nobleman by first commanding him to serve as her jester on the day of his wife's death, then, later, marrying him to her chambermaid. She promises to give the newlyweds their freedom if they agree to spend one night in the wedding cottage she has built for them. However, the cottage, and everything in it, is made of ice, and Russia is in the grips of the coldest winter on record. This little Gothic fairy tale, based on actual historical events, is guaranteed to send a shiver up your spine.

Raymond: Be Careful Who You Bully

Raymond Fleuris is the most unpopular kid in Choctaw County Junior High. His parents send him to school in the same clothes, day after day, and make him wear canvas gloves on his hands that he's forbidden to remove. He also wears a turban made of bandages to hide the scar on his head from recent brain surgery. Raymond is the butt of everyone's jokes, and is constantly being bullied by kids like Chucky Donothan.Then one day the carnival comes to town, and everything changes... 

Zut Alors! Le Vampire Roi des Corbeaux

Vampire Slayer Sonja Bleu enquête sur les rumeurs concernant un des membres du sang culte de recrutement de la scène club Goth. Son enquête la mène à une église abandonnée, où un vampire appelé Seigneur Rhymer mène messes noires et supervise orgies de sang au milieu de ses disciples. Nancy A. Collins, auteur des lunettes de soleil primés After Dark, sert un autre conte de terreur mettant en vedette hardboiled Sonja Blue, le vampire punk, dur-comme-ongles / tueur de vampire. Pas de mousseux autorisés.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Judgment Night: All The Young Dudes Carry The News

Four bored teens break into a house on Halloween in order to play a trick on the owner, only to find themselves the prey of a depraved serial killer.Can they survive a night of unspeakable horror and escape a madman's terrible judgment? 

Based on the true-life crimes of Dean Corll and Jack Walls III


A world teetering on the verge of World War III takes desperate measures to prevent nuclear destruction by holding the first ever Contest amongst America's children. The winner will go on to be the President's constant companion..and reminder...throughout his term of office.

Hell Come Sundown: One Wraith, One Ranger

Troubled by Specters, Ghosts and Phantoms? Fear No More! There Is Help! Call For The Dark Ranger: Ghost Breaking A Specialty! No Spook Too Small, No Fiend Too Fierce! Write Care of: Box 1, Golgotha, Texas. Our Motto: ‘One Wraith, One Ranger.’ 

Meet Sam Hell, former Texas law man, now a vampire and professional spook-buster, who, along with his Comanche medicine-woman companion, Pretty Woman, rides the high plains in search of Sangre, the undead conquistador who stole his life and transformed him into the Dark Ranger. 

Heart Of The Dragon: An Untold Tale of Elric

Elric of Melniboné, deposed ruler of the ancient Dreaming City of Imrryr, has marshaled a band of sea-reavers in hopes of raiding his homeland and reclaiming both his throne and his beloved Cymoril from his treacherous cousin, Yrkoon. But before he can do so, he must travel to the fabled Valley of the Dragons, in hopes of procuring a flying dragon of his own in order to lead the assault. Upon arriving he is greeted by Tanoch, leader of the Eldren, a race even older than his own, who promises to give him all dragons he wants...but is the Eternal Champion willing to pay her price? 

This authorized 'untold tale' was authorized by Michael Moorcock and originally appeared in the shared world anthology Michael Moorcock's Elric: Tales Of The White Wolf (White Wolf Publishing, 1994).

Furies In Black Leather: Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves

Cissy, Meg and Mistress Alexis are a trio of dominatrices who bill themselves as The Sisters. They operate a S&M dungeon that caters to Fortune 500 CEOs with a taste for the extreme out of a brownstone in the West Village. One of their best clients is Rolf--a millionaire who prefers others suffer for his sins. And while confession may be good for the soul, Rolf soon learns it all depends on what--and who--you're confessing to in this a tale of erotic horror, nameless sin, and ice-cold revenge.

Warning: Contains Graphic Sexual Content

Easy's Last Stand:

It's the 1980s and a serial killer known as Butcher John targets Easy's Hot Talk, a phone sex hotline that advertises in the back of raunchy magazines like Hot Milk and Big Bad Mamas. Butcher John is on a mission to rid the world of immoral sluts who tempt men into sin--and Easy is next on his list. But he soon learns that taking out the Hot Talkers is going to be anything but easy.

Demonlover: Love Means Never Having To Say You're Inhuman

Sina is a woman with a history of self-destructive romantic relationships. She is drawn to cruel, heartless men and the danger that they represent. After her last "demon lover" puts her in the hospital, she tries to put her past behind her and settle down with someone safe, sane, and stable. But she soon finds herself bored and unsatisfied--and heads out to the bars once again, in search of the excitement she craves, only to find Feral waiting for her. But is he the man of her dreams--or her nightmares?

Dancing Nitely: Night Life of the Undead

Waking up at sundown, dressing all in black, and hanging out the clubs until dawn is all just another night in the unlife for Mavrides, now that he and his fellow vampires have overthrown the yoke of human repression. But all undead were once alive, and old habits die hard, especially sex. And if it's one thing the undead love more than blood, it's the night life...

Calaverada: Be Careful Who Kill On The Day of the Dead

It's the Old West, and a group of hired killers lead by Big Luther has sent into Mexico to finish off the Wolf Pack, a band of outlaws lead by the notorious Dixie Jim. But when the bounty hunters arrive during the Dia de los Muertos festival, things only get weirder, and deadlier, from there. 

Contains scenes not included when originally published in A Skull Full Of Spurs (Dark Highway Press, 2000)

Aphra: Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

A married man develops a bizarre fascination with a medical skeleton he buys at a garage sale. Award-winning horror writer Nancy A. Collins, author of Sunglasses After Dark, presents a macabre tale of sexual obsession and erotic horror. Originally published in Shudder Again (NAL, 1993)

From the Publisher's Weekly review of SHUDDER AGAIN:
"Aphra," by Nancy Collins, wittily follows the evolution of the narrator's boyhood fascination with X-Ray Specs into a spooky adult fetish.

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